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Reasons for Microdosing with Mushroom Capsules: What You Need to Kno


Psilocybin mushrooms have become an increasingly popular topic in scientific literature as of late. This is because the therapeutic potential of mushroom capsules has been proven in a reliable and consistent way. As a result psychedelic therapies have evolved to include mushroom extracts as part of their treatment plans, with noted improvements across multiple study participants.

Many people are hesitant to believe these findings since people hear “mushrooms” and exclusively think of psychedelic drugs and the drawbacks that come with them. Let’s challenge these ideas and see what is the reality!

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Is Microdosing New?

There was a point in time when just talking about psychedelic research would get you in hot water, but thankfully times have changed. So people openly discuss and research the topic now, whereas in the past people were more secretive.

Using mushroom extracts is currently popular but in the past LSD, microdosing has also had its moment. Official studies looking at lysergic acid diethylamide have similarly shown positive results.

What Are Mushroom Capsules Made From?

Primarily, these are made from organic mushrooms and pullulan capsules. Make sure to keep an eye on the ingredient lists otherwise you might end up with filler that compromises the beneficial compounds. The ideal mushroom products will be made using the whole fruiting body and turned into mushroom powder.

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Which Ingredients Are Okay?

You should always make a note of the organic mushrooms being used in the capsules. These are the problem-solving components that go on to support your immune system and overall well-being.

Mainly these contain microcrystalline cellulose which is a naturally occurring substance itself. Made of glucose, it’s considered a highly valuable additive across supplements and other pharmaceutical applications. It’s used in similar cases as silicon dioxide. The ones that have proven most effective for psychedelic microdosing are actual mushrooms:

And Which Ingredients Are An Issue?

Often time there will be filler mixed into the mushroom capsules. These prevent you from getting full doses and can minimize the life-changing benefits. Some of these extraneous components include:

What Do The Studies Say?

Based on psychedelic research into the effectiveness of mushrooms, the findings strongly indicate that using the fruiting body is objectively superior.

Participants reported, less brain fog and overall better cognitive function when given capsules for running tests.

Mycelium was also used in some placebo-controlled trials and ultimately, the difference is visible. Future studies can help us refine this information but as of right now, we have a clear idea of which ingredients create an objectively better mushroom powder. And thanks to tools like the open science framework, it’s been easier to avoid challenging experiences and mainly see the hard data.

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What Are the Potential Benefits of Mushroom Capsules?

More than one research team has been able to prove that mushroom capsules have provided quality improvements to their daily lives. This applies to physical and mental health, as an immune system boost.

A lot of this information comes to us thanks to the dedicated efforts of New York University and their previous work with the Langone Center For Psychedelic Medicine.

How It Helps Mental Health

Research into mental health treatment with psychedelic substances has shown good results. Through systematic review across more than one controlled study, it’s been shown to improve mood and provide relief from anxious thoughts, and even combat treatment-resistant depression. Low doses have the best chance for long-term results, while higher doses can be overwhelming to some.

Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms are associated with euphoric feelings. Healthy volunteers have observed that the psychedelic substance has played a notable role in healthier outlooks on life. And the Imperial College London has been able to prove a solid connection between psilocybin against depressive symptoms. When compared to escitalopram, people reported functional connectivity at the cognitive level was similar.

What About Physical Health?

In terms of our bodies, magic mushrooms crushed into fine powder are the subject of many reports in the scientific community.

Organic mushrooms like Lion’s Mane have a proven track record of supporting brain health. While future research still has a lot to prove, at the moment we know for a fact it can improve your memory and overall focus and clarity. There are also ongoing studies investigating whether it’s a solid solution to treat neurological nerve damage.

On the other hand, Turkey Tail’s beta glucans are the top priority for investigating cancer treatment. While more research would strengthen the case, its capability in tackling a serious medical condition is taken seriously.

As a solid gluten-free supplement, it’s widely accessible across the board. So even those with gluten allergies can enjoy a higher energy level.

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How Long Does It Take for Them to Work?

Typically, they take effect based on the amount of psilocybin. So the higher the amount the faster you’ll begin feeling the psychedelic mushrooms kick in. Typically within an hour, you’ll start feeling the effects.

Do the Effects, Last Long?

Again it’s dependent on the amount of psilocybin the mushroom capsules contain. The body is capable of metabolizing them fairly fast but one capsule should be able to keep you in the good zone for some hours.

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Should Mushroom Supplements Be Taken on an Empty Stomach?

When taken on an empty stomach they are absorbed into the body much faster resulting in a stronger effect and impact. This has been observed with psychedelic use and in the systematic study as well.

If microdosing psychedelics is for immune support, then to enjoy the benefits of a full dose, you should make sure you haven’t eaten anything or at least anything heavy.

Could It Be Placebo Effects?

While some suggest that taking the capsules on an empty stomach is a placebo effect, other reports disagree. Since we can look at the randomized controlled trials and recreational use, it’s clear to see that there’s an overlap between microdosing substances like mushroom capsules.


To wrap things up, it’s become impossible to deny the beneficial side of microdosing supplements. When science has a definitive answer and even Rolling Stone has raised awareness about it, the answer seems pretty clear. If you want to get started on your own with the capsules, make sure you stop by The Magic Dispensary found here:

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